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You can make little HD quality of movie story using this KineMaster Pro android app. Android users can free download KineMaster for android from Google Play Store and for windows users, there is no any genuine KineMaster application. The only way we have to use android apps on the windows platform is, using android emulators to our windows computers, laptops. The software comes under android emulators are Bluestacks, Andyroid, Droid4X, YouWave, GenyMotion, Amiduos and other. These are all avails to download KineMaster for PC Pro video editor, Laptop & KineMaster for windows 8/8.1/10/7/XP computer, desktop. Enjoy Entertainment on Voot for PC.

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You can use a number of stickers, images, text, and handwriting in video clips.
Offering multiplayer for video.
Crop videos or frame by frame by trimming.
Check preview for every frame on KineMaster Pro video editor app.
Control Hue, brightness.
What speed you need to your video clips you can set.
Select suitable transition effect to your video clip.
Directly share your videos on social media after editing has done.

You can use any other similar apps to KineMaster Pro video editor or alternative of KineMaser for PC using Bluestacks android emulator. It is the free and efficient emulator to install android apps on windows platform, so I am using Bluestacks to download KineMaster Pro Video editor for PC windows 8, 8.1, 10, 7, XP computer, laptop. Use below link to download Bluestacks for your system. the application like Kinemaster for PC that is: Viva Video for PC.

You can download Bluestacks software to your windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP laptop, PC using above given the downloadable link. Here you can see a list of Top 10 free Android Emulators for PC.
Download Bluestacks for Windows
Install by clicking on its setup file.
Now you can see Bluestacks shortcut file on your PC screen, click and open Bluestacks.
Type “KineMaster” in the search box and hit enter, it shows you a title with KineMaster.
Tap on that icon to install on your Bluestacks and start video making using this multimedia video editing application.
You can simply edit your videos using this pro video editor app. Above given Bluestacks method avails you to download KineMaster for PC pro video editor and KineMaster for windows 8, 8.1, 10, 7 laptops, computer and on a desktop.


Download Link2SD Latest Version Apk Sat, 28 Oct 2017 16:58:28 +0000 I faced trouble in mounting 2nd partition (ext4) of the SD card using Link2SD in Rooted Xperia L. Like many people have faced. I experienced a Boot-Loop. After taking out the partitioned SD card, fortunately the phone boots fine. Even it boots without any problem with non-partitioned SD card, too.

There is unofficial solution of enabling support for init.d using apps like Init.d Toggler.
But, I find that there already an /etc/init.d directory exists. Inside, there are two scripts, viz. 00stop_ric and 11link2sd.

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What is Link2SD?

Link2SD is an app for Android 2.0+ users on their phone to move applications to the SD card by dual-partitioning the card. First partition gets mounted as external SD and remains available for general use, while the second partition (preferably formatted with an *NIX type file-system, e.g. ext2, ext3, ext4 etc.) holds executable(.apk), data, dalvik-cache(.dex) and library files(.so) for linked/moved application.

Link2SD mounts the second partition of your SD card as /data/sdext2 and makes OS mounts it at boot time. When you select an application and press “Create Link” button you can select which files of the application will be linked and moved to SD card. Apk, dex and lib files can be moved and you can select all three or any two of three or even only one of them. Depending on what you select, Link2SD moves apk file, dalvik-cache (.dex) file and lib files (.so) to SD card’s second partition and creates symbolic links in original directories. Phone must be Rooted, of course.
How does mounting of second SD partition work?

After the partitioned SD card is put in the phone, Link2SD asks you to select the file-system of the second partition on SD, just chose the one you used. Once /system/etc/init.d/11link2sd script is created, you have to restart the phone.
What is init.d support and why is it needed?

init.d directory is the container of start-up scripts in a *NIX type system. These scripts are execute during system boot.

Link2SD relies on the execution of /system/etc/init.d/11link2sd script which, in turn, mounts the second partition of SD card as /data/sdext2.
What is the Boot-Loop problem?

The SD card storage is dual-partitioned and put in the phone. Then, Link2SD generates mount script for the second partition of SD card and phone needs to be re-started. Some phones, e.g. Sony Xperia-L runs into infinite boot-sequence a.k.a. boot-loop. In this state, phone boot sequence starts, manufacturer logo is displayed proceeds for a few seconds and restarts. Only solution is to long press the power button or taking out the battery to switch the phone off.

Interestingly, if the dual-partitioned SD card is taken out and the phone is booted without SD card inserted, it boots normally.
What did I do with my Xperia-L so that it started boot-looping?
Rooted Xperia using Rootkit method. It leaved /system/etc/ and /system/etc/init.d/00stop_ric scripts on the phone’s file-system. (Script code listed below). I am using the rooted phone for months without any trouble.
Using an un-partitioned 32GB microSD card, formatted with FAT32, in the phone.
Deciding to give a try to Link2SD, I dual-partitioned the SD using Minitool Partition Manager. First partition was formatted with FAT32 while the second one was formatted with ext4. Sizes of partitions were around ~25GB and ~4.5GB respectively.
Installed Link2SD on phone.
Switched the phone OFF.
Put the dual-partitioned SD back in the phone slot.
Switched the phone ON.
Opened Link2SD app.
Link2SD immediately recognized the second partiton, asking me for its file-system type.
Selected ext4 from the list.
Link2SD generated the mount script and prompted for restart.
Restarted the phone.
Switched the phone OFF by taking out battery.
Took the dual-partitioned memory card out.
Switched the phone ON.
Phone starts normally!!!
How did I solve the problem?
I installed Init.d Toggler app as described here.
As described here, I experienced the problem of first partition not being mounted. The error was related to SD Card being empty or the file-system damaged.
I re-formatted the first partition of SD with NTFS.
Installed Paragon exFAT, NTFS & HFS+ app.
Now, the first partition got mounted.
What does Init.d Toggler do?
Appends the following command at the end of /system/etc/ /system/bin/sysinit
Creates /system/bin/sysinit script.
Creates /system/etc/init.d directory to put the start-up scripts in.